lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

Video: Amazing & Funtastic Books to Enjoy


There is joy, happiness and a smile to be found within the pages of these books.
This is the essence of my writing, to create an emotional bond with you. If I have failed you, please accept my apology in advance, and I shall try harder in my next book to meet your needs, the reader of my works…
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The global search for high-quality education, embedded in high-performing education systems, has taken on mythical proportions, almost resembling the alchemists’ quest to turn common metals into gold.
It is my hope that the present day search for global education, equitable and providing equality of opportunity for all, shall not cease until the “gold” we seek, has been found.
I therefore dedicate this book to all the educators, researchers, parents and students the world over, who strive to achieve this elusive goal,high-quality education for all the citizens of the world.
In this endeavour, it is my belief that the International Baccalaureate merits a closer look, based on their more than 40 year history of delivering consistently excellent results.
I add that all of the reflections and views in this book are mine alone, unless otherwise noted, and can not be attributed to my employer or any other organization I am affiliated with, past or present. For any errors or oversights, I bear the complete responsibility.

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